Hedy Jo Star Clothing

Hedy Jo Star Clothing

1950s era vintage designer clothing:

1950s era "Hedy Jo Star Original"

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  • Date acquired: 9/15/2011
  • Type: Vintage designer clothing (coat and pants)

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The caption of the photo of Star (pictured left) states:

Carl Hammons, 42, a dancer and hypnotist, who underwent a series of sex-change operations, has filed suit in Chicago Superior Court to change her name to Hedy Jo Star. Doctors started the series of operations on Hammons when he [sic] was 18 years old. – UPI Telephoto

– The Daily Review, 1962

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  1. I had many many of Hedy Jo Star’s costumes during my career!
    I may still have a couple pieces in storage but most of them I passed on to other drag performers in Boston.
    She was such a wonderful woman and called me her “daughter” and I called her “ma”! I was truly sorry to hear of her passing in 1999 and I wonder if “Buzzy” is still in Vegas?
    They were an extremely talented pair and I loved them both!
    C.B. aka Miki Martin

    • Hi there! I’m a burlesque producer and historian in Boston. I would love to talk with you about Hedy Jo Starr! Please drop me a line. Thanks!

      • Jessica Berson

        Hi! I’m a dance historian in Boston writing about the Combat Zone, I’d love to talk to either of you about Hedy Jo Star or anything/anyone else from the period. Thanks!!!

      • Roy E Richmond

        I am her nephew – I have written much of her life story as a book and have hundreds of her pictures. I plan to publish a book soon. 405-204-0713

      • Roy E. Richmond

        Hedy Jo is my aunt. I have written a book about her life, with all of my research and what she left for me. It corrects some of the wrong dates given, and other information. She died in the late 80’s not 1999. Buzzy died a few years after her. I have written a book with all the information.

    • Roy E Richmond

      I am Hedy Jo Star’s nephew. I have written a book on her life story, and planning to publish it. I have or original book and hundreds of stories. Some say she stated having surgery at 18 and that is not true. It was not until 1962 that she found doctors to correct her mistaken gender nightmare. She was the first successful gender correction in the USA. I have all of her medical records. I would love to acquire one of her costumes – our family does not have any of her wonderful works. My cell number is 405-204-0713 Please let me know if you have any left.

      • I have a complete set of HJS “body jewelry that I would like to sell. If you would like more info about this item, please email me.

    • Roy E. Richmond

      Hedy Jo is my aunt. I writing her life story. Just received one of her beautiful costumes today.

  2. She is a former Finnocios “Marilyn” in the late 50’s early 60’s she had her sex change in 1962, then worked as an actress, the love God, with Don Knotts, and was Giganta the Atoms side kick from Batman.

  3. Hi, I worked as a cutter for Hedy in the 70’s and know all about her style and attention to detail. I had a degree in design at the time. The costumes we made along with Betty Al and the Rhinestone Cowboy! She and Buzzy were great friends. I have photos of them and the workshop that bring back memories.

    • Roy E. Richmond

      Hedy Jo is my aunt. I writing her life story. Just received one of her beautiful costumes today. I would like more of her costumes. I am going to set up a museum to her history. I have all of her pictures and many pictures of people she made costumes for but do not know who they are. Roy Richmond 405-204-0713