Christine Jorgensen’s Letter to Mr. Sullivan

Christine Jorgensen’s Letter to Mr. Sullivan

This is a letter addressed to a Mr. Sullivan in which Ms. Jorgenson discusses her reasons for publishing her story. Specifically, this letter discusses her soon-to-be-published story in the American Weekly as well as her book deal with Random House publishing company. The letter is accompanied by the original mailed envelope. Both the envelope and the letter are printed on Ms. Jorgenson’s personal letterhead and is signed by Ms. Jorgenson.

TFA Archival Datasheet
Type: Personal Letter Size: 6 inches
Weight: 2 grams Status: Available for Viewing
Archive ID: 100 Condition: Excellent

Section: Framed Location: Clinical Area
Acquired: Purchased Source: Rare Book Dealer
Date Added: 06/01/2008

Dated: 01/30/1953

Publisher: NA Authors: Christine Jorgenson
Artist: NA Photographer: NA
Identifier: NA Pages: 1
Duration: NA Tracks: NA

Subject:  Correspondence: Why Ms. Jorgenson is going public with her book

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